Recipes from the Inn of the Whistling Pig – Softcover Book + PDF


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Indulge even further into the tantalizing world of the Village on the Borderlands with the “Secret Menu” from the Inn of the Whistling Pig, where culinary wonders await! Within this book, you will discover sixteen amazing recipes that will delight your taste buds and create memorable moments around the dining table other than just the role-playing ones! Some tasty examples within its pages are Marsha De Vina’s favorite, Moonlight Delight Salad, with mixed leafy greens adorned with roasted almonds and slightly caramelized vegetables like carrots, beets, and peas! Next, we have “Helga’s” Roasted Chicken and Potatos, a dish that brings together succulent juicy chicken with perfectly seasoned herb potatos! Finally if you’re in the mood for something big and satisfying, the Whistler’s Meat Pie will surely captivate your senses! The crust, made with a mixture of hearty grains and spices, is rustic and crumbly, providing a sturdy foundation for the delicious melt in your mouth beef and vegetable fillings! So gather your loved ones, don your aprons, and embark on a culinary adventure that will create cherished memories and delicious meals to be enjoyed for years to come! Feast your eyes and mouths on the “Secret Menu” of Recipes from the Inn of the Whistling Pig!
– 24 Pages Softcover + PDF / Full Color
– Includes both the 1st and 5th Edition PDFs of Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #0: Village on the Borderlands
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