Are you a DM looking for something offbeat and different than the usual adventures and supplements? Do you like classic old school dungeon modules like we used to play in the 1980's with outrageous villains, monsters and wicked encounters? Do you want something cinematic, fun, memorable, challenging to play with your friends and is awesomely collectable as well?

If you answered "HELL YES!" to those questions then Maximum Mayhem Dungeons are for YOU!

Hi! My name is Mark Taormino founder of Dark Wizard Games and I'm a game designer as well as software engineer and actor. I first started playing AD&D back in 1980 and I've always wanted to make printed, retro-style modules now with your help it's been possible! With the success of my first five Kickstarter projects: "The Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen", "The Secret Machines of the Star Spawn", "Villains of the Undercity", "Vault of the Dwarven King" and "Monsters of Mayhem #1" I was able launch this small press games website and want to continue to make even more fun and exciting games for you and your family and friends to enjoy!

MAXIMUM MAYHEM DUNGEONS are created with one thing in mind: ass-kicking fun. This adventure has that classic look and feel both inside and out, including blue maps and old-school fantasy art from some of the best artists in the business! Filled with irreverent characters, diabolical villains, over-the-top monster encounters, outrageous magic, mischievous NPCs, traps, puzzles, and more blood and gore than an 18 die fireball can deliver. These adventures and supplements will entertain and challenge everyone who dares to play them!