Moving Maze of the Mad Master – Softcover Book + PDF


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Hordes of metal monsters are ransacking small towns and villages and it’s up to you to track down and put an end to the terror. The quest will take you to an ancient ruins where you must face off against the diabolical designs of the Mad Master and traverse the mind-bending dungeon of his grand maze. Devilish inventions, clockwork horrors and insidious traps will test your party’s mettle as to the unravel the mysteries, solve the puzzles and escape from the Moving Maze of the Mad Master!

• 40 Pages saddle stitched
• Removable Cover with Blue Maps
• Full Color Gameboard with Moving Wheel Components PDF (Does not include physical card stock items)
• 20+ Paper Miniatures PDF (Does not include physical card stock items)
See Mad Master product video walk through:
Shelf of Many Things – World of Mayhem/Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #5-#7:

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