Palace of the Dragon’s Princess – Softcover Book + PDF




Once upon a time, the lakeside Kingdom of Thorin Vale was suffering from the death of its benevolent King. All hope now lay with the Princess who was set to marry the bravest knight in the land, and their union would restore the realm. However, on the wedding day, the evil Dragon Maelfesto attacked the castle by surprise and took control! The serpent drove everyone out and took the princess captive in the caverns below, wickedly enchanting the palace never to be seen again. Riches, honor and glory will be gained for those who save the fair maiden, defeat the beast and return alive from the Palace of the Dragon’s Princess!

• 40 Pages saddle stitched
• 40 Encounters
• Removable Cover with 2 Blue Maps
• New Monsters
• Pre-Generated Characters
Walk through of Palace of the Dragon’s Princess:
Shelf of Many Things – World of Mayhem/Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #5-#7:

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 2 in

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