Monsters of Mayhem #1 – Softcover Book + PDF


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This supplement contains 48 new monsters and 4 new maps (Arena, Forest, Cave, Dungeon) which you can include in your games for quick extra bonus encounters! The monsters included range from one hit dice to fourteen plus! This is an excellent resource for game masters who would like to expand their creature selections with the awesome and powerful beasties within its pages. Inside you will find many fun OGL monsters for most any level campaign you may play!

• 48 New Monsters in 32 pages print version is saddle stitched

• 1st Edition Style Layout reminiscent of the original monster manual

• Removeable cover with 4 Blue Maps (Arena, Forest, Cave, Dungeon) which you can use like an extra DM screen!

• 48 Original pieces of artwork by: Jeff Dee, Brian McCranie, Bradley K. McDevitt, Jacob Blackmon, Stephen “Chuck” Bowman, Robert Bruner, Joshua LH Burnett, Ed Lacabanne, Jason Lennox, Mark Lyons and William C. Pfaff

• Full Spread Centerfold Art
• A Printable Poster of the Cover 24″ by 36″ PDF file of the Monsters Cover

Video Walk through of the book: