Mutants in the Moonlite Bowl-A-Rama – 1E / 5E Softcover Book + PDF


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In the desolate stretches of your post-apocalyptic world, the dusty and abandoned “Bowl-A-Rama” stands as an unlikely beacon of hope. Powered by a hidden, ancient energy source which has suddenly turned off, it is the last known lifeline for locals in the nearby Village of the Burning Sun. However, the building has recently been invaded by a biker gang of mutant orcs, known as “The Outriders,” led by their evil boss “Chainbreaker” who has taken some locals captive and transformed the place into his new fortress and party headquarters! Because of its significance, the locals have cobbled together a brave group of survivors from the hamlet to set out to breach and reclaim it. Your challenge is to restore the power, rescue all captives, gather any valuables and destroy the evil Mutants in the Moonlite Bowl-A-Rama

Warriors of the Wastelands™ series of adventures from Dark Wizard Games™ are designed for play my following fantasy / science-fiction setting: “In the year 2184, from outer space, a radioactive meteor crashed into the moon, causing apocalyptic destruction! Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes and atomic rain devastated the globe for centuries turning civilization into ruins! Eons later, the Earth rises again as a strange new world under an eerie twin lunar night, a world of science and fantasy, filled with technology, magic, and mutated monsters! But our heart and spirit never dies, as heroes from all over the planet have risen up and joined forces to defeat these evil beasts and restore humanity… they are the Warriors of the Wastelands!” You can also set the adventures in your own worlds etc!

This adventure contains both 1st and 5th Edition rules which allows modern weapons, mutations and magic all mixed in making them a unique and enjoyable fantasy / post apocalyptic experience! In addition, they are easily translatable to OSR 1E Systems e.g, AD&D 1E & 5E, Gamma World, Mutant Future, MCC, Cha’alt and more! Each module has awesome blue maps, crisp readable boxed and non-boxed text with top notch art by some of the best artists in the business! Filled with our usual cast of diabolical villains, irreverent characters, over-the-top monster encounters, outrageous mutations, magic, mischievous NPCs, traps, puzzles and more, this adventure will entertain and challenge everyone who dares to play it!

This is a 24 page SOFTCOVER + PDF RPG Module for FIRST EDITION and FIFTH EDITION role-playing games! This module is designed for using 4-8 characters of levels 1 to 3.  The SOFTCOVER module is made with a 100 lb sturdy card stock cover and coated with a super nice high-gloss UV coating! The interior B/W pages are on bright white thick 70 lb uncoated white paper and excellent high quality printed and made proudly here in the USA!

  • Written by Mark Taormino
  • 24 Pages SOFTCOVER + PDF (Cover is 100 lb card stock with super nice High Gloss / UV Coating. Interior pages are on sturdy 70 lb white un-coated paper!)
  • Blue Maps  Cartography by Mark Taormino
  • Artwork by: Justin Davis, Felipe Faria, Carlos Castilho and Jacob Blackmon

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