Villains of the Undercity – Softcover Book + PDF


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Danger lurks at every corner of the small coastal city of Los Farport. The locals insist people are being abducted in the night and taken into into the bowels of the rumored “Undercity Dungeon” below. A lone survivor managed to escape and give some information before dying in your arms: “Secret door… Tavern of the Wiley Wench… Ugh!” You and your brave team of adventurers have decided to investigate these rumors, plunder the dungeon and destroy the dreaded “Villains of the Undercity!”…right after you loot his still warm body, of course.

• 32 Pages saddle stitched
• 30 Encounters
• Removable Color Cover – DM screen with 2 Blue Maps
• 2 New Monsters – Black Ooze, Casket Creeps
• 8 Pre-Generated Characters

Review by Capcorajus:

Walk through of the the book:

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