Here is what some of our customers and friends have been saying about my Maximum Mayhem Dungeons™ Series of Modules:

"Hey Mark Taormino, we've been friends for 11 years! Mark, through his company Dark Wizard Games, makes awesome OSR style adventures for 1e and 5e!" - Heidi Gygax Garland

"Mark Taormino’s Dark Wizard Games branches out from old school fantasy to old school post apocalypse with Warriors of the Wastelands #1: Mutants in the Moonlite Bowl-A-Rama. It’s indebted to the style of Gamma World, Thundarr the Barbarian, and other gonzo after-the-disaster fantasy properties that fuelled our imaginations in the 1980s. But while nodding to its predecessors, Mutants in the Moonlite Bowl-A-Rama stands alone. It’s a straight-forward, fun adventure in which every page is crammed with crazy, occasionally tongue-in-cheek ideas designed to make an evening of gaming fun. It’s also better looking than the post-apocalypse adventures that came before it – fantastic art, a sturdy cover, and extremely high-quality paper make this a pure pleasure to behold. If your idea of a good time includes moons rend asunder and mutant hog-riding orcs, this adventure is a must have." - Andrew Hind. (Contributing author to Star Wars Gamer and writer of Goodman Games modules Aerie of the Crow God and Legend of the Ripper.)

"I’m excited to back another of your high quality products. The Slime Pits adventure looks awesome and I look forward to running it." - Kip C.

"Mark has written many 1st Ed AD&D adventures that are like nothing I’ve ever read! I applaud new writing for old school gamers. It’s great! I wish we had more of it.. Anyway these are some wild modules old school you have to see for yourself!" - Jeffrey M.

"Your output is AMAZING. Payment sent, and thank you for all the PDFs! I'll definitely back all your future projects!" - Justin S.

"Legend of the Seven Golden Demons and Slime Pits of the Sewer Witch are looking great and can’t wait to get them and play them!" - Keith H.

"Wow! Thanks Mark! I’ve already DM’d the Dragon’s Princess and the Necromancer. Can’t wait to have my players encounter the rest of these. Cheers and Happy Gaming to you! You are a gentleman." - Brian C.

"I really look forward to reading your modules... Today / tonight has been a bad day overall, but those adventures give me something to look forward to, and I know they will lift my spirits at least a bit. Cosmic balance, perhaps. Good times, bad times. Good times = reading new adventures, and thanks again!" - John S.

"Bowl-A-Rama arrived today and IT. IS. AWESOME. Thanks very much!" - Tim S.

"My buddy from grade school back in the 80s is running a D&D game for students now as a teacher. Dark Wizard Games modules, according to him, are much better than the original modules we played D&D with as a kid. I hope this company makes it because they have an awesome product. Your products are really top notch. You've got to get some of your customers talking about how great the modules are for people to know how solid your work is. Dark Wizard Games are way, way better than the original Wizards of the Coast modules. (I have not affiliation with Dark Wizard Games. I just don't want to lose another RPG company.) Request: do some Top Secret modules using the original Top Secret rules!" - @Nowhere888 (YouTube)

"Had a blast playing “Shadow of the Necromancer” we were testing out Greg Gillespie Dragonslayer OSR rules using your module, and we seemed to really like both the module and the rules, we may switch to dragonslayer when we start our next big adventure (currently in middle of Barrowmaze). It was a blast (as are all of your mods I have ran so far) so a big thanks to you was in order from our table!" - David R.

"I loved Dark Wizard Games before I even knew you were a gamer Mark Taormino! I've been a fan of the dungeons/adventures as long as you have been printing them. Their difficulty levels remind me of the feel I got in the 90s playing ADnD with friends. So many TPKs lol. I love the ingenuity in these. Well done." - Dennis F.

"Hello Mark, just wanted to drop a line and say you've made my day. I spotted the "From Hell's heart, I stab at thee" line from the update message for your module "Slime Pits of the Sewer Witch." My tip of the hat to you for your "Moby Dick" / "Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan" reference. One of my favorite supervillain quotable quotes of all time!" - Sean B.

"Mark is doing what Judge's Guild should have done in the 1970s. Unlike theirs, Dark Wizard Games has a professional appearance and beautiful artwork while holding onto what made the Judge's Guild loved by so many - it was clearly an effort by someone outside the mainstream and had its quirks." - M. Wally

"For sure. I've bought several books from DW, and like them allot. Highly recommend." - Alan M.

"I could have purchased any of the Maximum Mayhem Dungeons Modules and been completely satisfied, but I’ll start with #7, Dread Swamp of the Banshee. Mainly because it’s for levels 4-8. Mid level adventure. Love the old school vibe including the B.A. artwork. Can’t wait for it to arrive!" - Richard W.

"Received my Vampire Queen 5E module the day after Christmas. It was like giving a late holiday gift! I absolutely love it. Been posting it on Instagram and Facebook so people can see it. Hope you had a great holiday." - Carl B.

"This Warriors of the Wastelands: Mutants in the Moonlite Bowl-A-Rama is THE thing for an MCC campaign, Mark (whom I have never met in my life) sent me a sneek peak, and I’m just itching to get this and get it to the table. It is such a mixture of awesomeness and hilarity! Orc bikers, anthropormorphic fox bandits, giant cyborg spiders... I will warn you, this is laid out like the classic D&D modules (2 column block text), which might not be eveyone’s thing, but to me it is the chef’s kiss! The art is outrageously good too. Mark Taormino has a ton of other fantasy adventures out there too in the same sort of vein. I’m hoping to get into those here when the day job slows down in a few weeks! This is just so cool!" - Lou L.

"Mark's a great guy, and puts out some GREAT gaming products! I have a number of his recent modules. Good Stuff! I have several of these EXCELLENT, fun modules. Fantastic art and quality. HIGHLY recommended for 5e or OSR games!" - Dwayne W.

"You are helping me and my players with great adventures!" - Danny B.

"Mark, I wanted to tell you that my players and I are going through the Village on the Borderlands and we are enjoying it so much. Thanks for a fun and enjoyable module!" - Jeff T.

"I just received my box set which included Village on the Borderlands! Everything looks amazing and I can't wait to start reading/playing these. You did such an amazing job of capturing that old-school look and feel! Thank you for everything that you do - as we appreciate the old school adventures and you have found some amazing artists! I absolutely love the interior b/w artwork and all the full-color cover artwork too." - Keith H.

"Mark Taormino is keeping 'Old School Cool' alive and well!" - Brian S.

"I’ve got a number of the modules from Dark Wizards and I enjoy them all." - Randy A.

"Mark, I think it is great what you are doing for old school gaming. Your products look amazing, and they have a very "Gary Gygax" feel to them. I was really blown away when I discovered your Kickstarter, and I really can't say enough nice things about what you are doing. I belong to a lot of gaming groups / pages, and I am about to promote you on all of them. Keep up the great work, it is appreciated more than you can know (or I can say). I can't wait to get my hands on these adventures! And the character sheets are so well done! Hats off to the artist, they have my players all in a buzz. Just to illustrate the impact that a project like this can have, I have shown my son and a friend of his (who are both 14) this kickstarter, and now two new recruits have joined the AD&D pen and paper ranks! Being able to inspire this generation away from their video games, and back to pen and paper is a rare and wonderful gift. I can't thank you enough for that Mark." - Carl T.

"I am definitely IN! This GUY, Mark Taormino, writes AMAZING stuff! DO IT!" - Ben J. A.

"These are some of the best adventure modules being published. I seriously mean it when I tell you that I can't get enough of your work. Highly recommended." - Matthew M.

Can't wait to get my Village on the Borderlands. l already have every module you made and with the box set or I would have bought more . I love the first edition stuff but I like the maps for the 5th edition. Keep up the great work. - Thomas M.

"Sold! Love your adventures! OSR or 5th ed!" Jeffrey W.

"Just finished Palace of the Dragon's Princess. My players loved it. You do great work, Mark!" - Brian C.

"Your adventures always have the coolest old school vibe!" - Andrew H.

"Just started perusing the 1E version of Village on the Borderlands, and really look forward to using this! It's packed with memorable NPCs and loads of adventure hooks (the random tavern events alone could fill an evening session), and the whole thing reads like a love-letter to the great teaching modules of old. From a brief reading it certainly deserves to sit alongside Keep on the Borderlands, Village of Hommlet and Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, all modules I've run several times. Many thanks for putting this together. As always, I look forward to your next endeavour!" - H. Pearce.

"I've gotten every one you've put out and used many of them in my campaigns. Looking forward to these two new ones Legend of the Seven Golden Demons and Slime Pits of the Sewer Witch and just got the PDF for the last one you're wrapping up, Funhouse Dungeon of the Puppet Jester! They're all a lot of fun." - Patrick D.O.

"I've been a fan of Mark Taormino's modules for a while, and I ran my players through the Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen adventure recently, having picked it up from Dark Wizard's last kickstarter campaign. My group loved the old-school, no-quarter-given gameplay feel, and I have to say, although the boxed text is pretty wordy, it's really evocative, as is the artwork, including some pieces by none other than Jeff Dee (can't get much more old-school than that)!" - Hawkeye P.

"I have all your modules and boxed set but I'm also looking forward to getting Village on the Borderlands. Keep 1E going love it man." - Thomas D.

"Thanks Mark, I really appreciate this. Keep up the great work. These are really great modules. Looking forward to taking my players through one of these soon. Probably run Dread Swamp of the Banshee first. It’s great to see the return of the Basic/Expert & AD&D style of module. There is just something special about the style that takes me back. I was watching DM Scotty and he mentioned your website. So really glad to see new modules in the classic format. So let me encourage you to keep ‘em coming! Cheers!" - Anthony F.

"Hi Mark, I received my package today in priority mail. Thank you so much. You are the man. Please keep pumping out the content and don't change a thing. The style and artwork are awesome. The modules have the exact old school vibe that I grew up playing from the mid 80s to early 90s. Greatly appreciated! Also I've been meaning to comment on Monsters of Mayhem, I'm not kidding. It's one of the best supplements I've ever seen and I love all of the various creatures in it." - Matt M.

"I received my copies of the modules. Definitely got a wave of nostalgia taking me back to 1981 looking over them! Thanks for your efforts and enthusiasm for this Mark!" - Laurence S.

"Received today...and they are beautiful! I can't wait to dive in. Wow, talk about nostalgia. Love it! Keep them coming." - Joker D.

"LORESMYTH You rock the socks of the module based D&D experience! I just got my package and I am foaming at the bit to tailor these modules. Thank you for making this so accessible and easy to adapt. Lets face it. Each of us has taken every module published and made it our own. This is the legacy of D&D. Modules freakin ROCK *but* you have to tweak them all to make it run smooth in your milieu. Hehe, see what I did there?" - Paul C.

"The module arrived. Absolutely perfect mail gorilla foiling packaging. Legendary work Mark. I look forward to your next module and Kickstarter! Thank you!" Michael K.

"For almost a decade, Mark Taormino has been creating and publishing his brand of old school gaming books under the Maximum Mayhem Dungeons moniker and making them available to us via Kickstarter. Despite the rep that sometimes accompanies Kickstarter campaigns, Mark has consistently provided quality, timely, and affordable entertainment. His gaming modules may remind you of the kind of unforgiving books you might have picked up at a gaming shop in the 80s with the original version of AD&D. His latest Kickstarter is a reprint of all of his works to date and it's a great opportunity to try one, two, or all of them.It's good to see someone like Mark still publishing." - Scott Mc C.

"Mark, Thank you so much for producing this. As a die hard 1st ed AD&D guy it's hard to surprise a group of guys you've played with for 25 years. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Just got all 5 of your soft covers. Keep the goods coming!!" - Slicker 8.

"Mark: I loved my Dwarven King soft cover and am thrilled to get the Coffins and Spawn softcovers from this Kickstarter. I really enjoy using the Dwarves King covers as a DM screens since they are not attached - and the mine car ride is a blast. Keep up the good work on Kickstarter!" - John LM.

"My package just arrived today in the UK. Beautiful - Thank you." - Marc G.

"Hello Mark, after a long shit week at work, I got home to find all these pdf.’s in my inbox. It washed all the bad away. Your work is a blast and I don’t know why I haven’t pulled the trigger on these sooner. No issues on my end and can’t wait to get the physical copies. Wishing you the best! Cheers!" - Stacey M.

"Thanks a lot! Fantastic products you're making! :) It gives the feeling of the "old-school" with the right touch of modernity (I love your NPC-background: very rich and explain well the WHY is the Villain here and WHY he's acting like that: WONDERFUL!) Have a nice day!" - Sébastien

"Dark Wizard Games makes super amazing fun, hilarious, exciting, and awesome OSR compatible adventure modules that look and feel just like the kind you used to get at your local hobby shop in the 1980's. OSR = Old School Role-playing, like AD&D 1st ed. or modern "clones" (OSRIC, Swords & Wizardry, Black Hack, White Box, Blueholme, etc.) Don't mess around with "adventure paths", bleh. Get Maximum Mayhem, and ADVENTURE LIKE A BOSS." - John B.

"The highest quality adventures! This is a must-have for AD&D/OSRIC!" - Dave J.

"Excellent product quality for starters. Most game books have a removable cover to be used as an impromptu screen. The modules themselves are done in a way that call back the 80's AD&D in tone and content. Mark hires some of the best in current and upcoming talent when it comes to the artists, nothing disappoints!" - Ian S.

"Great, funny, and over the top adventures!" - Kevin E.

"I own all of Mark's stuff from past years/kickstarters....and these are some of the top tier products available anywhere....and I REALLY...NO REALLY HOPE he decides to do a box set/hardcover compendium someday so I can throw more money at him ( outside the stripper videos of his on Yulube)...JUST KIDDING!!!...on the video part...I want the other stuff!" :) - Matt R.

"Got my modules #1-4 and I have to say I'm totally blown away. Artwork is incredible. Totally evoke that 1980's feel. Content is well laid out. Storylines are engaging. As a 48 year old kid who refuses to grow up this is a priceless find. Cannot wait for #5. Thank you Mark for doing this. Keep up the awesomeness." - Dave S.

"Wow, I just got my print copies of #1 to #4 of these modules, and I must say, OUTSTANDING! I feel like I just took a dip in a hot tub time machine and woke up in 1982 or something, flipping through the "secret hidden RPG section" filled with amazing treasures of imagination, in my local hobby shop (because in the Bible Belt RPGs were the DEVIL, so it had to be kept on the down-low) I love the way the covers are done in the same style as all the TSR classics. I haven't read them all but just skimming a bit and I find the text to be clear and mostly hilarious, along with stellar artwork very much reminiscent of the classic modules of yore. KUDOS for very fine work I will be proud to display on my RPG shelf. I have not read all of these yet but I did enjoy reading the one about the Star Spawn. Too funny. This type of wacky adventure is perfect for our crazy adventuring group, I just need to adjust these a bit to be compatible with 5e characters and mechanics. Looking forward to seeing the print editions, I love the retro-feel, it takes me back to the good ol' days." :) - John B.

"Received my kickstarter books today, and completed my collection. Looking forward to what comes next! Thanks for all your hard work getting these old-school adventures out, they're much appreciated by my players (and feared by their characters...)" - Mark P.